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Sometimes I think my mom talks just to hear her own voice. She's driving me crazy. I like silence.

So, I went to New York

I wanted to do something really special for my birthday this year. So, I went to New York. It's my favorite city so far.

I planned going to New York and from there, I was going to go to Washington D.C., because I wanted to take a picture in front of the White House while the Obama administration was still in place. However, me being the clumsy, careless being that I am, I love my wristlet with my passport, ID, my credit cards and cash money I had. That was on friday. We were going to the Yankee Stadium for a tour and I wanted to take a picture of my mom and I with a background subway, and I dropped my wristlet. Long story short, I was too afraid to even going to Washington on monday without any papers.

But, New York was awesome! we took the circleline cruise for the major NY sights:

Also, I went to the Madame Tussaud (sp? Too lazy to look it up right now):

We also went to the 9/11 Memorial, the American Museum of Natural History, the Yankee Stadium,


We went to see a broadway show. I couldn't get tickets to Hamilton like a wanted. I wanted to get reseller tickets, but since I lost my credit card, I couldn't get them, so, we went to On Yor Feet! instead:

Yankee Stadium:

The 1998 World Series Trophy. When My dear San Diego Padres were swept by the Yanks:

Mike Mussina's autographed ball:

The Empire State:

The Rockefeller Center, St Patrick's Cathedral:

And here is the moment when I lost my documents *sob*:

Bryant Park, by the way, wi fi? not so good:

And from the Top of the Rockefeller I got really cool pictures of the Empire State, which is my favorite building:

And the hotel at night (by the way, my mom still can't figure out how to work my phone ¬¬):

Funny story: that green suitcase had all our shoes. We landed at Newark, because it was the cheapest ticket I could get from Barranquilla to NY with my miles, and I counted two bags for me, but I did not pay attention to how many bags my mom had checked. And I was so excited that I didn't realize that she didn't have all her bags with her. We left that bag at the airport and had to go back from Manhattan to New Jersey at night to get the freaking bag full of shoes!. That was a really expensive Uber ride.

We took Ubers the first few days before I figured out the public transportation system ¬¬

After everything, I really loved New York; it met my expectations and more. The People there were awesome, very helpful with these two clueless tourists. I even got to pet a woman's rescued dog!. There are garbage bags everywhere, which makes it look very unclean. The New Yorker Hotel was not that great. We requested two beds and they gave us one queen size for both of us. Well, it's a good thing we're tiny folks.

I think I'm gonna save money again and plan this trip for more than six days. This was def. the best. birthday. ever.!

Multifandom Fic recs

I'm trying to keep up with my favorite fics and authors, so I'm just gonna make a master post for myself.

  1. Glee (Klaine)

  1. Glee (Blangst):

  1. White Collar:

         Empathia Series by Winterstar:

  1. NBC's Hannibal:


This is what we did during the holidays. And now we have no money, haha

I miss them so much!!!!

They've grown up so much and I'm missing it! :(

May. 8th, 2012

i definitely suck at jobs interviews

I feel like crying

Paul mccartney is finally coming to colombia and i got the presale tickets, but the seats are randomly generated and i got two tickets of the farthest side possible. And they are supposed to be vip! And i call to see if i could chamge them and they told me no! Which i could understand because i agree to the terms, but they customer service reps are so rude! They even hung up on me so to avoid changing them. This sucks!
I have a friend who is obsessed with Glee. Honestly, I never care for it, beyond the first fifteen mins of the pilot. I only watched it on a plane, when there was nothing else to see.

That said, my friend kinda forced me into watching season two and what's been aired of season three, and I don't know if it's because of my friend's obsession, like, maybe I was brainwashed or something, but I kinda like Blaine and his relationship with Kurt.

I kinda started trolling the internet searching for all things related to Blaine/Darren Criss and found an enormous amount of hate towards his character and the actor. To tell the truth, I sometimes think that he's a pushover, and most of the time the writing is kinda bad, but he's such a sweetheart, and I'm so excited about the upcoming episode centered on him. I find his character way more interesting that Rachel or Quinn. I think Santana is awesome, Puck is too much fun, etc.

Same thing happened with Sam in the west wing. I thought he was the best character ever and needed more screen time than say, Donna or even Josh, but the internet kinda hated him :(

But, it does not matter, because, I loved Sam till the very end, I still do (I still read Sam Related fanfics) and I guess I'll still love Blaine no matter what.

I guess the hate has something to do with Darren Criss' over exposure, who knows.



Ever since we signed a new contract with Ecopetrol, we now work 6 days a week and only one day off. It's killing me and killing everyone who works with me since we cannot travel home as often as we'd like; we are in the middle of virtually nowhere and the work we do sometimes is very exhausting.

So, we asked if it'd be possible to work out a schedule where we could get more days off and they told me that I had to make a proposal, get everyone on board and the restrictions are that we have to use the same number of engineers we have now (14 working as field engineers and 1 as support another one as water inspector)

So far, I haven't been lucky. I was told by someone who works for another company that they work 12 hrs shifts during 20 days and then get 10 days off with 2 additional days for traveling. But with that model, we would have to let go 2 people andd that's not the idea.

I'm going crazy!!!! I want more days off!!!!

Question about Tour of Duty

Does anybody remember if Lt Goldman died in the series finale? Because I found a screencap of him, I think, on the ground, shot and I haven't been able to download the finale yet to make sure. ANd now I'm curious.